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Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Strong Senior Fitness Class Featured in the Daily Camera

Strong SeniorStrong Senior Fitness Class, taught by Brenna Backe and Ryan Tara, was featured in last week’s Daily Camera as the workout of the week.

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Strong Senior – Functional Strengthening Class

Free Class –  June 22nd at 12pm

senior manKoa Fit is excited to offer a new class for the modern senior citizen.  A class for the people who are still biking, hiking, and getting after it.  This innovative class not only strengthens the body, but improves balance, coordination, agility, and body awareness.  Spend less time in your chair and more time strengthening your whole body.

Class Overview:

Dynamic warm-up that helps prep the body, engage the mind, and improve coordination.

Strength training circuit focused on functional moves that keep you strong and increase your flexibility.

Balance work to keep you confident and performing at your best.

Class limited to 10 participants.  Please reserve your space by clicking here.