Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

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Low Back Pain Community Workshop

Part of the Be Balanced Community Event Series

April 12th at 5:45pm

Do you have low back, hip, or leg pain?  Are you unsure of the cause or the source of your pain?  Join us for a free community workshop with Physical Therapist, Katharine Hauge and Koa Fit owner and Personal Trainer, Brenna Backe to learn what your symptoms can tell you about the source of your pain and how to prevent future pain.  Learn the typical pain patterns that result from trauma or issues at the lumbar spine, the SI joint, and the hip.  Gain knowledge about the cause of your pain, so you can have a clearer understanding of how to move forward to get rid of your pain and never have it return.
This workshop will contain:
  • Information on pain patterns and symptoms of low back pain
  • Tools to test and diagnose the source of different types of low back and hip pain
  • Exercises to help prevent low back pain

This event is free, but you must reserve your spot.  Click here to register now!

Healthy Hips – Be Balanced Community Event

Thursday, November 3rd at 5:30pm

Join Brenna Backe for an invigorating and intensive hip-opening session that will help you unstick your hips and glide freely once again.  Experience precise and fluid movements that can remove stress and tension on lumbar, sacroiliac, and knee joints.  This hour class will leave you feeling lighter and moving with greater range of motion and fluidity.

  • Passive and Active Stretching to Open Your Hips
  • Targeted Exercises to Improve Movement of the Hip Joint
  • Safe Movements to Help Relieve Low Back and Hip Pain
  • Low Impact Modalities to Improve Function

Class is limited to 12.  Reserve your space now.

Strength and Stretch Class for Low Back Pain – Be Balanced Community Event

lower-back-painFree Community Class

Join us at 8am on Monday, September 22nd for an hour long class dedicated to preventing and decreasing low back pain as part of our Be Balanced Community Event Series.  We will go over core and postural exercises and stretches you can do at home to help keep your back healthy and pain-free.  We will also go over correct posture and movement to help prevent back injuries.  This class has limited space and is expected to fill up so please reserve your spot.  This class is free and open to anyone.

  • Exercises for Core Strength
  • Stretches for Pain Relief
  • Overview of Proper Lifting Techniques
  • Overview of Correct Posture while Sitting or Standing
  • Home Exercise Program

Space is limited and class is expected to fill.  Click here to reserve your spot now.