Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

NEW! Online Weight Loss Program

Healthy HabitsJoin Precision Nutrition certified coaches Missy Hughes and Siri Nicolella with 365 days of Healthy Habits to develop nutrition tools for permanent weight loss.  Receive daily inspiration teaching you safe practices that empower you to build energy, strength, and control of your food choices.  Missy and Siri support you through the process with adjustments and accountability.  Practice change through daily habits that are proven to provide weight loss results in any busy lifestyle.

Get all the details here.

For more info or to sign up, email us at info@koafitusa.com or call 720-428-8863.

Foam Roller Class

Join us Thursday, September 15th at 5:30pm for an hour of foam rolling as part of our Be Balanced Community Series.  The roller has had many nicknames including “roller of death”, “torture machine”, and “devil roller”.  We are hoping you fall a little more in love with your roller when you see the diversity it can bring to your home program.  We will spend an hour showing you how to use your full size foam roller (6×36) to relieve aches and pains, stretch out your body, and strengthen your core.

Please bring a full size roller, a mat, and comfortable clothes to this free class.

Class is limited, so please register in advance by clicking here or calling us at 720-428-8863.

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Strong Senior – Functional Strengthening Class

Free Class –  June 22nd at 12pm

senior manKoa Fit is excited to offer a new class for the modern senior citizen.  A class for the people who are still biking, hiking, and getting after it.  This innovative class not only strengthens the body, but improves balance, coordination, agility, and body awareness.  Spend less time in your chair and more time strengthening your whole body.

Class Overview:

Dynamic warm-up that helps prep the body, engage the mind, and improve coordination.

Strength training circuit focused on functional moves that keep you strong and increase your flexibility.

Balance work to keep you confident and performing at your best.

Class limited to 10 participants.  Please reserve your space by clicking here.

Free Yoga – Be Balanced Community Event

Annette YogaJoin Annette Bray on Saturday, May 21st at 10am for a free yoga workshop.  In this workshop you will learn the concept of grounding and alignment in 2 of the most elemental poses of yoga.  Understand the basics of yoga so that you always maintain alignment to improve both static and dynamic stability. From this place the body begins to become more mobile. You will feel what it means to have grounded connection leading to more strength and freedom in the way you move.  The ability to feel these concepts in the physical body is foundational to a yoga practice that has the ability to heal. Learn about yoga in a way you haven’t experienced before.

Only 12 spots available.  Sign up today.

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Basecamp Free Saturdays

BasecampKoa Fit is proud to offer our Basecamp Class for FREE every Saturday in March at 9am.  Don’t miss out on the chance to try out this awesome circuit class that gets your heart pumping and your muscles moving all in a safe, functional workout.  Our Basecamp Circuit Classes focus on functional, primal movements – squat, push, pull, lunge, twist, bend, and gait – because all daily movements can be broken down into one of these basic moves.  Learn to strengthen your body safely, efficiently, and intelligently.

Space is limited.  Click here to reserve your spot.

Thanksgiving Weekend Class Schedule

turkey-02-1Don’t Take a Holiday From Your Workout

Thanksgiving Weekend Schedule

Turkey Day Workout

Thanksgiving Day – 9am

fit turkeyJoin Brenna Backe Thanksgiving morning for a circuit workout as part of our Be Balanced Community Series. Get your strength training, cardio, and stretching done before the feast. We will start with a nice warm up, followed by a circuit of exercises designed for postural alignment and functional strength. We will end the workout with some core strengthening and dynamic stretching.

Stay after circuit class for our Foam Roller Class for a complete strength and stretch program.

Click here to reserve your spot.

New Class Schedule

Strong BalanceStarting the week of the August 16th, Koa Fit will have a new class schedule.

Basecamp Circuit Class – Tuesdays at 7am, Wednesdays at noon

Strong Balance Class – Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon, Fridays at 7:30am

Click here to sign up and reserve your spot in one of our great classes.



Circuit Class with Missy Hughes and Erika Monroy

IMG_0743Join Missy Hughes and Erika Monroy on Tuesday mornings at 7am for a great full-body workout!  Missy’s focus will be on proper form, strong functional movement, and exercise variety all while keeping your heart pumping.

Click here to reserve your spot.

Not sure if it is right for you?  Try your first class for free!