Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Foam Roller Class

Join us Thursday, September 15th at 5:30pm for an hour of foam rolling as part of our Be Balanced Community Series.  The roller has had many nicknames including “roller of death”, “torture machine”, and “devil roller”.  We are hoping you fall a little more in love with your roller when you see the diversity it can bring to your home program.  We will spend an hour showing you how to use your full size foam roller (6×36) to relieve aches and pains, stretch out your body, and strengthen your core.

Please bring a full size roller, a mat, and comfortable clothes to this free class.

Class is limited, so please register in advance by clicking here or calling us at 720-428-8863.

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The Koa Fit Intensive

The Koa Fit Intensive is a 4-week program designed to give you a bump in your performance.  Once a week, for 4 weeks you will meet with massage therapist, Siri Nicolella, followed by a 55-minute session with Brenna Backe.  This combination of body work followed by a specific exercise plan will help you change inefficient movement patterns that are limiting your range of motion, your strength potential, and/or keeping you from the activities you love.  Get your body moving better faster with this concentrated program.

The Koa Fit Intensive

  • Intake Session – Assessment of movement, range of motion, strength, and limitations.  We will also use photos and videos to document “before” movement and posture.  Questionnaires and other intake forms may be used depending on client.
  • Intensive Sessions – Sessions will take place on Fridays starting March 18th.  1 hour massages will be followed by a 55 minute training session allowing for a 5 minute transition time.  All sessions are designed specifically for our client.
  • Results – All clients will get “before” and “after” data, including photos and videos.

Intensive Sessions will be on Fridays starting at 9am, 10am, or 11am.  

There are only 3 spots available.

Intakes must be done before March 18th.  Dates of Intensives are March 18th, March 25th, April 1st, and April 8th.

Call or email us to register.

720-428-8863   info@KoaFitUSA.com

Welcome New Trainer – Erika Monroy

Erika MonroyPlease help us welcome Erika Monroy to the Koa Fit team.  Erika comes to us with a huge background in injury rehabilitation and corrective exercise.  She has been working side-by-side with physical therapists in a clinic setting and is excited to expand her training in a studio environment.

Schedule your FREE assessment with Erika today!  Click here.


Additional Strong Balance Class – Wednesdays at 7am

Strong BalanceWe are adding a Strong Balance class to Wednesday mornings at 7am starting September 3rd.  Now you have two chances a week to get in a workout before work.  Start your day by improving your posture, stretching out those tight hips, neck and shoulders, and feeling tall and strong.

Click here to read more info about our Strong Balance class

Click here to reserve your spot in an upcoming class.

Functional Photography

We have the pleasure of working with so many great clients at SOMA Fit.  Recently, Nikki Costello had the chance to work with photographer Kirsten Boyer.  Click the link below to check out what she thinks of SOMA Fit’s corrective exercise program and her time working with Nikki.

KB Photo of Nikki

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Form Follows Function

Getting Help From SOMA Fit Studio