Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

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Basecamp Free Saturdays

BasecampKoa Fit is proud to offer our Basecamp Class for FREE every Saturday in March at 9am.  Don’t miss out on the chance to try out this awesome circuit class that gets your heart pumping and your muscles moving all in a safe, functional workout.  Our Basecamp Circuit Classes focus on functional, primal movements – squat, push, pull, lunge, twist, bend, and gait – because all daily movements can be broken down into one of these basic moves.  Learn to strengthen your body safely, efficiently, and intelligently.

Space is limited.  Click here to reserve your spot.

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Koa Fit Holiday Class Schedule

Week of Christmas

Tuesday 12/22 – Basecamp at 7am and Strong Balance at 12pm

Wednesday 12/23 – Basecamp at 12pm

Thursday 12/24 – No Classes

Friday 12/25 – No Classes

Week of New Year’s Day

Tuesday 12/29 – Basecamp at 7am and Strong Balance at 12pm

Wednesday 12/30 – Basecamp at 12pm

Thursday 12/31 – Strong Balance at 12pm

Friday 1/1 – No Classes

Thanksgiving Weekend Class Schedule

turkey-02-1Don’t Take a Holiday From Your Workout

Thanksgiving Weekend Schedule

New Class Schedule

Strong BalanceStarting the week of the August 16th, Koa Fit will have a new class schedule.

Basecamp Circuit Class – Tuesdays at 7am, Wednesdays at noon

Strong Balance Class – Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon, Fridays at 7:30am

Click here to sign up and reserve your spot in one of our great classes.