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Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

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Koa Fit Client of the Month – July 2017

Shireen Day

Shireen is proof that hard work pays off.  While she has been traveling to Chile, Patagonia, Argentina and more these past few months, she has been consistent with her home (or travel in this case) exercise program and it has paid off.  She came back from her most recent trip in the best shape ever!  Her pains have subsided and she has even managed to be pain-free through rent house renovations as well!

What her trainer says:

“Shireen is so interested, motivated and disciplined with her exercise.  She is always interested in the “why” and the “how” of her exercise program and is always looking to get to the next step.  She has become so aware of her body and her movements and takes everything she learns and builds on it!  It is so much fun to watch her progress.” – Brenna Backe

Koa Fit Client of the Month – May 2017

Priscilla Corielle

Priscilla impresses us the most with her dedication.  On top of coming regularly to her training session and additional classes each week, she is also very mindful when she is in the gym.  She is always focused and taking in all the information we are giving her.  She is always looking to improve even the smallest thing in her form and is an excellent student of her body.  Her amazing body awareness has allowed her to only get stronger, but to move and function in a fluid and efficient way.

What her trainer says:

“I think Pricilla is an outstanding client.  She has been working with me for about 7 years and has only improved her strength and flexibility.  I’m always so amazed at what she can do.  She’s also so committed to coming to three classes and her training sessions.  A month ago she injured herself traveling, an injury that would normally take someone down for possibly a month, and she bounced back within a week.  I’m so proud of her strength and commitment to her health.” – Siri Schubert-Nicollela


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Koa Fit Client of the Month – April 2017

Mary Beth Readey

Mary Beth just keeps impressing us.  She has lost over 30lbs, has dedicated herself to additional training sessions, and continues to get stronger each week.  She has shifted from someone who dreaded her workouts, to making them a part of her routine twice a week and even looking forward to them.  She brings a mixture of straight talking reality and hilarity to each session.  She is working consistently through the Healthy Habits program and has adopted positive change as a result.  We are really proud of her steady dedication.

What her trainers are saying:

“Mary Beth brings a realistic approach to her health and fitness.  She moves steadily forward, owning her choices and making no excuses.  Her consistency is paying off in both strength and physique.  And her laughter fills the room, which makes it fun for the whole gym!” – Missy Hughes

“I’ve seen so much improvement in her body and mind.  She is an inspiration to those who can achieve weightloss and a functional active body as a senior.  She is a machine when she’s focused.”  – Siri Schubert-Nicolella


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Koa Fit Client of the Month – March 2017

Jo Mattoon

SUP 2016

Jo Mattoon has inspired the whole crew at Koa Fit with her enthusiasm and the energy she puts into her workouts, her life, her health, and her overall effort to be her best self.  In the past year, Jo has dropped unwanted weight, toned and shaped her body, tried (and got addicted to) stand-up paddleboarding, built a business, and on top of all that, she landed her dream job.  Jo continually works to progress and improve all aspects of her life.  She puts just as much effort into her relationships and her lifestyle as she does into her self-improvement.  She does all of this with a great smile and a great outlook on life and you can tell she is just having the best time.

What her trainer says:

“Jo always comes in ready to work and always is asking for more.  She never takes a break on making this her best life.  She soaks up every aspect of life – husband, work, health, travel – with a zest that is contagious and just awesome to be around.” 

Koa Fit Client of the Month – February 2017

Helen Gemmill

Helen GIf you come to Koa Fit, chances are you’ve bumped into Helen.  Her bright smile, friendly and encouraging personality, and the fact she was working out at 39 weeks pregnant makes her stand out (in the best way).  Helen was chosen as Koa Fit’s Client of the Month not only because she trained up to 4 days before she gave birth, but also because she approaches her workouts with excitement and is eager to try new challenges and push her body.  Helen gave birth to her new son this past Saturday, January 28th and the whole family is home, healthy, and settling in with their newest addition.  Congratulations Helen and Dan!

What her Trainer Says:

“Helen comes in every week, every session with a smile that lights up the gym and a readiness to work that is inspirational.  She has a gratitude for movement that has helped to keep her healthy now through two pregnancies with Koa Fit.  Congratulations Helen on the birth of Henry and your amazing strength!”  -Missy Hughes



Koa Fit Client of the Month – January

Whitney Prestwood

WhitneyWhitney started working with Ryan Tara to help relieve her chronic back pain.  After trying a handful of things, she wanted to take a little more control of her health and learn how to take care of her body.  Whitney made herself a priority and currently has her pain down to almost nothing.  On top of getting in control of her pain, she also lost weight, corrected her posture, and feels like an athlete again.  Congrats Whitney for taking charge of your body and getting yourself out of chronic pain!

What her trainer says:

“I am always very excited to work with Whitney. Over the past year she has been truly dedicated to improving her personal health. She has made some very inspiring changes to her physical fitness; reducing chronic back back pain, losing weight, and rediscovering her athletic ability and joy of movement. Whitney has really demonstrated to me the power we all have over our personal wellbeing, and I am happy and honored to help her along the way.”

-Ryan Tara

Koa Fit Client of the Month – December

Theo Dierks

bad a$$ Theo

Theo Dierks started working out at Koa Fit in 2013.  She embodied the principle of taking one step at a time (even if sometimes reluctantly!).  Over the past several years, she has learned tons about her body and how to look and feel great.  She increased her flexibility to eliminate pain.  She found that food reflects emotion, drives mood and affects strength.  Above all, she discovered just how much she loves to be strong!  Her transformation this year provided inspiration to many as she gained strength and fine-tuned her physique. We are all so proud of her hard work!

What her trainer says:

“Theo is an amazing caretaker to everyone in her life.  She learned this year to give that love and attention to herself as well, and it looks amazing on her!  Her energy, creativity, and spunk are boundless, which make her sessions a highlight of my week every week!” 

-Missy Hughes


Koa Fit Client of the Month – November

Joe KurtzJoe Kurtz

Joe came to Koa Fit a couple years ago to get help strengthening his shoulder.  A doctor had told him he needed surgery to regain the function in his shoulder, but Joe wanted to see if he could avoid the operation.  We started with simple exercises to help regain the range of motion and then moved on to strengthening.  Along the way, we added some balance training and functional movement training.  Today, Joe has impressed the trainers at Koa Fit with his box jumps and plyo drills he does as part of his regular training.  He has upped his game lately by coming to the Strong Senior Fitness Class once a week in addition to his personal session.  Joe comes in every week and works hard.  He is an inspiration to not only the trainers at Koa Fit, but also to the other clients.  He puts in the work and gets stronger and faster each week.

What his trainer says:

“Joe progresses every week.  (He is) always pushing his limits and does not back away from exercises that are hard.  I feel he has regained his natural athletic ability he may had lost a little bit.  He is not afraid to try anything I throw at him.”  

-Brenna Backe