Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Heather Langendorfer

Heather Langendorfer transitioned from her fast-paced career in technology to focus instead on helping others live and move better.  As a former college diver (Clemson), skydiver, Iron(woman), and a current avid mountain biker, in-bound boarder, backcountry skier, gardener and overall lover of all things outdoors she has found a fascination with body movement and wellness, . 

After years as an endurance runner, Heather was forced to give up running due to knee problems (and a world of misinformation).  Recently, she has been able to rehabilitate those knees and return to running (WOOHOO!).  This experience has taught her both the importance of good body mechanics as well as just how tough it is when your body stops letting you do something you love.  Her passion for healthy movement fuels her ongoing learning and research.  Heather also completed the 4 month Koa Fit mentorship program in 2019. 

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