Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

April Ingham – Private Pilates

April Ingham is a Certified Pilates Teacher, (PMA, CPT), who enjoys helping people learn how to build strength and maintain full body alignment through the mindful practice of classical Pilates.

Before starting her practice as a Pilates Teacher and Licensed Teacher Trainer, April worked in the fields of graphic design, telecommunication and journalism.  While owning and operating her graphic design business, she focused on raising her two active daughters and engaging in a variety of sports ranging from skiing, hiking, golfing, tennis, and triathlon.

During her years of long distance cycling and triathlon she discovered Pilates as a method of cross training that allowed her to recover faster and experience less pain and overall fatigue.

In 2011, April earned her Advanced Teacher Training diploma from The Pilates Center, a locally renowned classical Pilates school and studio in Boulder, Colorado, and continues to work as a Licensed Teacher Trainer and Pilates Teacher.

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