Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Koa Fit Client of the Month – November

Joe KurtzJoe Kurtz

Joe came to Koa Fit a couple years ago to get help strengthening his shoulder.  A doctor had told him he needed surgery to regain the function in his shoulder, but Joe wanted to see if he could avoid the operation.  We started with simple exercises to help regain the range of motion and then moved on to strengthening.  Along the way, we added some balance training and functional movement training.  Today, Joe has impressed the trainers at Koa Fit with his box jumps and plyo drills he does as part of his regular training.  He has upped his game lately by coming to the Strong Senior Fitness Class once a week in addition to his personal session.  Joe comes in every week and works hard.  He is an inspiration to not only the trainers at Koa Fit, but also to the other clients.  He puts in the work and gets stronger and faster each week.

What his trainer says:

“Joe progresses every week.  (He is) always pushing his limits and does not back away from exercises that are hard.  I feel he has regained his natural athletic ability he may had lost a little bit.  He is not afraid to try anything I throw at him.”  

-Brenna Backe

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