Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Yoga Workshop – Fine Tuning the Basics

Portrait 3Join Annette Bray on Wednesday, June 8th at 5:30pm for a yoga workshop designed to help improve your yoga practice by fine tuning the basics.  In this workshop you will learn the concept of grounding and proper alignment in 5 of the most elemental poses of yoga.  Understand the basics of yoga so that you always maintain alignment to improve both static and dynamic stability. From this place the body begins to become more mobile. You will feel what it means to have grounded connection leading to more strength and freedom in the way you move.  The ability to feel these concepts in the physical body is foundational to a yoga practice that has the ability to heal. Learn about yoga in a way you haven’t experienced before.

Poses That Will Be Covered:

Seated bound angle
Warrior I
Downward facing dog

Only 12 spots available.  Click here to register.

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